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Finally, when new SSL vulnerabilities emergeas they sometimes doyour CDN provider is likely to respond to them much more quickly than you can, updating its SSL implementation as part of your managed service. This was the case with Heartbleed and POODLE vulnerabilities.
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To this end, were giving a free SSL certificate InstantSSL DV, non-wildcard with every domain name you have registered with us. InstantSSL offers basic protection, but for those of you needing super-protection, you can take a look at our SSL certificate comparison chart and choose one to suit your business and your customers.
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Here are just a few of the ways SSL By Default helps websites perform better. SSL is a sign of trust to today's' increasingly tech-savvy users. Search engines have made SSL By Default a ranking factor. Its good for SEO!
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SSL certificates provide one of the most important components of encrypting your website data and securing online transactions. Whether you need to protect login details, file transfers, electronic payments or sensitive information in general, choosing the right SSL certificate for your business is vital.
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Space Systems Laboratory MIT, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology separate from the SSL that moved to UMD. Space Systems Laboratory, at additional universities. Solid State Logic, a manufacturer of audio mixing consoles. Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd, a British supermarket chain.
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If you are thinking about adding an SSL to your site and want to learn about what an SSL certificate can do for you, take a look at Get an SSL certificate. After you've' downloaded your certificate files, you can install them on your server.
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Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL pronounced as separate letters, is a protocol which is used to communicate over the Internet in a secure fashion. It was replaced by Transport Layer Security, or TLS, in 1999. Today, the term SSL is still widely used, although in practice SSL has been fully replaced by TLS.
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We better understand customers requirements and maximize our efforts to make their website secure and trustworthy. We have vast experience in the SSL industry and offer cheap SSL certificates to beat the competition. So why should you wait to buy SSL certificate?
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Secure Socket Layer SSL certificates provide a secure, encrypted connection between your site or application and your end user. Whether a customer is providing their contact information or credit card information into a form, an SSL Certificate lets them know they can trust that their data will end up in your hands alone.
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A combination of solid relationships we've' forged over the years, as well as our ability to purchase in bulk, allow us to offer our customers the same trusted SSL certificates at prices which are considerably cheaper than if you were to purchase the exact same product directly from the certificate authorities themselves.

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